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Born in New England and raised in Florida, I moved a lot growing up. Having come out at 13 and again at 22 as genderqueer, the journey to my own identity has been at once a comedy of errors and a feel-good Hallmark movie. My non-professional interests include mythology, music, cooking, and dry humor.

I strive to incorporate these core values into my work: empathy, inquiry, and impact. It is important to me that my time is spent on work which creates a positive impact on individuals and communities. I revel in experimental, immersive, and devised theatre, though I have a soft-spot for classic upbeat musicals. Key influences on my dramaturgy are Augusto Boal, Michael Chekhov, and Dave Malloy. My passion for theatre is wide but deep. I have worked in arts administration, arts education, and dramaturgy. I have organized new works festivals, directed & sound designed site-specific shows, festivals, and world premiere productions.

I graduated from the University of Florida in May 2020 with a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre and a Bachelor of Arts in International Studies. I combine my academic studies with my work in theatre to produce informed, socially relevant productions. In addition to my studies in international culture, history, and politics, I have also studied in Europe, received B1 certification in German language, and participated in the 2019 Doha Forum. To visit my international academic portfolio, click here 

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