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Jesse is a multi-hyphenate artist who primarily identifies as a director, sound designer, dramaturg, and educator. Jesse seeks opportunities to challenge harmful narratives, encourage exploration of complex social issues, and workshop nuanced approaches to overcoming them. Jesse is trained in Michael Chekhov Acting Technique and often utilizes Laban Movement Analysis and Theatre of the Oppressed in their work. They revel in immersive, site-specific, and devised theatre, telling stories with a more experiential and personal format. In the digital age, Jesse sees non-traditional theatre as a way to entice new audiences and engage with them on their terms.

While in undergrad, Jesse served as Associate Artistic Director of Florida Players, sound designed the world premiere of Hills on Fire by Joe Stevens & Keaton Wooden, and worked as an Artistic Assistant at Gainesville’s Hippodrome Theatre. They graduated from the University of Florida with a BA in Theatre and a BA in International Studies. Jesse taught theatre with AmeriCorps, directed youth at the Florida Repertory Theatre, designed at the SheLA Festival, and toured with the Missoula Children’s Theatre. During this time, they were inspired by theatre’s capacity for empowerment and community-building.


Theatre's disarming and inherently collaborative nature makes it an impactful tool for rehabilitation within and between communities. To better incorporate this into their work, Jesse will begin studying for an MA in Applied Theatre at CUNY SPS in the Fall. Jesse currently freelances as an audio engineer in New York, New York. They work as the head audio engineer at Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts’ Clark Studio Theatre and Kaplan Penthouse.

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