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Lately I have been directing educational theatre and workshops/readings. While neither of these produce material I can share here, please scroll to see some of my older work. In addition, click here to view my concept proposal for an immersive production of the Wild Party. This self-produced production would have played in the summer of 2020.


      The Amish Project

          January 2019 - Star Center Theatre

          Director & Designer: Jesse Desrosiers

          Associate Director: Noah Seppanen

          Photographers: Noah Ponte & Eric Vogel

Bare stage, low-tech, ensemble-based: My step towards a Poor Theatre. This production's central focus was community - how it can be torn apart by tragedy and brought together to heal. We devised movement-based storytelling to fluidly construct and flow between scenes. A paint-delineated, floor-level thrust served to bring the action right up to the audience.

Theater Poster FINAL-01.png

Speech & Debate

October 2018 - Florida Players

Director: Jesse Desrosiers | Asst. Director: Laura Chiarello

Scenic Designer: Peta McKenna | Lighting Designer: Erica Siri

Costume Designer: Rebeka Clow | Sound Designer: Noah Denker
Photographer: Noah Ponte

Why are teenagers expected to behave like adults and yet also acquiesce to the will of real grown-ups? What if the adults don't have your best interest in mind? What if they just don't know what's best? Lighting - except in performative moments - was flat, plain, "oppressive." The performative scenes sprinkled throughout were the few times characters could express themselves with explosions of costumes, lights, and sound.

WoW Retro w Info w Jesse V1.png

Women & Wallace

May 2019 - Tampa International Fringe Festival

Director, Designer: Jesse Desrosiers

Stage Manager: Kali Ashurst

This fever-dream of a play toed the line between absurdist comedy and Freudian drama. Utilizing a fringe-friendly minimal set, distinct areas of the stage were established for Wallace to explore his memories. All 8 women were bravely played by the same actress, creating fascinating opportunities for unique scene changes and subtle nods towards Wallace's somewhat Oedipal obsession.


Can't Happen Here

April 2018 - Florida Players

Director, Playwright, Producer: Jesse Desrosiers

Stage Manager: Jo Evangelista

I wrote this modern adaptation of Sinclair Lewis's It Can't Happen Here in response to the 2016 election. It was rehearsed over a two month period, included basic costume, scenic, and sound design, and live musical performances. I explored both plot-driven and non-linear approaches to storytelling. The actors were also invited into the creative process to develop their characters' arcs and motivations.

Assistant Director


...And Jesus Moonwalks the Mississippi

January 2020 - UF School of Theatre + Dance

Director: Dr. Colleen Rua | Asst. Director: Jesse Desrosiers

Scenic Designer: Samantha Lewis | Lighting Designer: Ryan Bailey

Costume Designer: Kami Lagrosa | Sound Designer: James Dennis

Stage Manager: Julia Schack | Photographer: Suzanna Mars

This play presents a version of the myth of Demeter as an allegory for racism, identity, and family in Louisiana during the Civil War. Stylized movement, moments in slow-motion, song, dance, and rap were all utilized to showcase the other-worldly nature of the characters. The set emphasized the importance of the River and the quilting-together of the many stories within and without the play.

Playbill Final Draft 3 (dragged).jpg

Raised in Captivity

October 2018 - Florida Players

Director: Raul Duran | Asst. Director: Jesse Desrosiers

Scenic Designer: Ryley Valenti | Lighting Designer: Jordan Lindquist

Costume Designer: Rebeka Clow | Sound Designer: Hilary Cheren
Photographer: Noah Ponte

The human need for connection; the loneliness and desperation one can feel even when surrounded by others. Based in realism with a decidedly surrealist twist, this tragi-comedy was a therapy session of a production which asked audiences: Is loving another even possible? Or is love simply a screen onto which we project?

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