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Work Samples

Speech & Debate
by Stephan Karam

Why are teenagers expected to behave like adults and yet also acquiesce to the will of real grown-ups? What if the adults don't have your best interest in mind? What if they just don't know what's best? Lighting - except in performative moments - was flat, plain, "oppressive." The performative scenes sprinkled throughout were the few times characters could express themselves with explosions of costumes, lights, and sound.

The Amish Project
by Jessica Dickey

Bare stage, low-tech, ensemble-based: My step towards a Poor Theatre. This production's central focus was community - how it can be torn apart by tragedy and brought together to heal. We devised movement-based storytelling to fluidly construct and flow between scenes. A paint-delineated, floor-level thrust served to bring the action right up to the audience.

The Wild Party
by Michael John LaChiusa

Click this link to view my concept proposal for this production - cancelled due to the 2020 pandemic.

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