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Dying City

By Christopher Shinn

Design Concept

Director & Lighting Designer: Leah Vicencio

Sound Designer: Jesse Desrosiers

January 2020 - Independently Produced


This site-specific production took place in the living room of an actor's home. I used Bluetooth to connect to two speakers from QLab; producing site-specific sound effects. One was behind the couch at the center of the performance area and another was hidden in the doorframe to a hallway. My concept drew on PTSD - how this haunts the main character and creeps into her everyday life. I used the rattling of pills in a bottle, pages turning, sounds of the city, and sounds of war - mixed and interspersed to immerse the audience in the sound of the characters' strife.

Sample Component Sounds of PTSD

Helicopter 1
Helicopter 2
CNN The war in Afghanistan from 911 to n
Screen Shot 2021-02-26 at 6.08.15 PM.png
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